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The Students of Ban Erawan School trained Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) in Science Week Event

Science week was conducted by Ban Erawan School, it was held on August, 25 2023. In this event, there were several activities joined by students in order to improve their soft skills, various event that provided by school including an e-sport competition, recycled dress fashion show, and science show (as known as volcano experiment). Attended by the students from kindergarten to elementary school which are grades 4-6 were involved in these activities. Since weeks needs some preparations before, so the students make it for one week long.

At the picture above, the students were taught regarding the Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). This method combines rescue breathing (mouth-to mouth) and chest compressions to pump blood to brain until particularly treatment is available. By learning this emergency procedure aimed to make students could help someone unresponsive or no breathing before the medical representative coming up.

The training of CPR is a series of science week where in the midst of preparing for science week, the Grade 6 students were wished knowing about on first aid, namely how to perform CPR correctly. This kind of helping was guided directly by teachers and healthcare staff. The implementation of science week was quite exciting, starting with the volcano experiment show, followed by the recycled dress fashion show and finished off with e-sport tournament (RoV).

Disclaimer: This whole of article is created and made by Monica Indriya based on her recent journey. Review and Edited by LKUI

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